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Commercial Interior Design


Interior Design
Design Project Management
Workplace Strategy
Workplace Needs Analysis
Space Budgeting
Change Management

Savvy workspaces don’t just look fantastic, they improve job satisfaction, productivity and employee retention. We create environments people want to work in. More effective use of space reduces costs and operational effectiveness improves business outcomes. Everybody wins!

Our Commercial team design optimal working environments, ensuring that they are as efficient, effective, expressive and flexible as they need to be.

So whether you are moving to new premises (or thinking of it), looking to rationalise and update your current space, achieve cultural change or even match your brand to your environment, Thoughtspace will work with you to achieve your objectives.

Designing a successful workplace starts with you and your people. Our Workplace Vision Workshops and Needs Analysis Sessions engage with the cross section of your organisation, identifying the way your people work, communicate, collaborate and

socialise. When coupled with your strategic objectives and vision, this information is used to inform the design process.

Our experience tells us that when your people are appropriately engaged in the planning process, there is increased buy-in and support for the project resulting in a smoother transition. An audience that has an investment in a design is much more likely to use it.

Workplace Consulting


Workplace Strategy
Property Portfolio Analysis
Building Appraisal
Change Management

Designing a successful workplace starts with you and your people. Understanding how your people work now and into the future and knowing the tools and resources they need to be productive and engaged is central to a successful workplace.

Our Workplace Consulting process starts as early as possible in the planning process. It can inform the choice of office size and location and can ensure your organisation has flexibility in it’s real estate strategy with a workplace that allows for contraction and expansion in demand and headcount over time.

At Thoughtspace we understand this means different things to different businesses, so each Workplace Consulting project is uniquely designed to suit your needs. It is not a one size fits all approach. What you want your new workplace to do for your organisation determines the journey your organisation will take.

As many of the past assumptions and rules of the workplace are being challenged by increased tenancy costs, changing demographics, rapid changes in information and communication technology and an increased interest in sustainability,

we work with organisations to look at new and flexible ways of working.

It could be a simple workplace space evaluation or it could be a comprehensive workplace transition study to help facilitate a complete cultural change in the workplace through physical transformation.

The Thoughtspace Workplace Consulting team will work with you to explore all aspects of your business to plan and design an outcome that exceeds your expectations.

Retail Interior Design


Interior Design
Concept Design
Design Development
Construction Documentation
Tenancy Design Review

Beyond creating an amazing looking store with impact and engagement, we know that retail store designs must be a well thought-out strategy. Store layouts must optimise space, promote sales and consider customer approach, dwell times and general operational tasks.

In the current market place retailers need to reach out to their customers through experience and brand relevance – not only to compete with online shopping but also to support it.

At Thoughtspace we love working
with our clients to convert the conventional store visit into a memorable spatial encounter that attracts, engages and challenges its audience.

Our design process starts with close consultation with our client to understand their objectives up front. Taking these objectives and commercial drivers into consideration, our design team strive to ensure the new retail environment

is both compelling and commercially viable.

We are committed to achieving the best possible visual impact to enhance brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty. We believe the success of our design lies in improved commercial outcomes for our clients.

Graphic Design & Signage Design


Retail Signage
Corporate Signage
Way finding Signage
Environmental Graphics

Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects – it is the source of your business promise. Integrating your brand strategies at every point of public contact, builds your profile and your business.

We believe that creative excellence is the cornerstone of any successful branding, signage or packaging project; that practical can still be beautiful; that design thinking should always be rigorous, relevant and

refreshing. If we specialise in anything, it’s in giving brands an individual and appropriate voice. A voice that rings true and clear and resonates with personality. We help you communicate your messages so that audiences will remember and respond to them. All of this is underpinned with a friendly down to earth team approach.

Our highly skilled designers blend graphic design skills with a keen sense of 3 dimensional forms and

spaces, to create integrated graphic and signage features as part of your physical environment.

Whether you need branding, way-finding, in-store communications, shopfront signage, in-store communications, packaging and printed material or uniforms, our talented designers can help your business engage, inspire and delight.

Council Approval Services


Council code & policy advice
DA lodgement
Heritage Impact Statements
Council & Certifier Liason
Statements of Environmental Effects

Councils across Australia are charged with the role of managing development in their area, which means every council has it’s own plans, standards and requirements for development. This can make the process very difficult to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the system.

Many developments and design projects require Council approval before work can commence, as well as certification that the work is

carried out in accordance with Council approval and relevant laws and codes.

At Thoughtspace we can help you navigate these processes – from helping you understand your council’s requirements and liaising with Council officers about your proposal to the preparation and submission of your Development Application (DA) with all the necessary supporting documentation. We can also advise

you on the certification process and recommend suitable certifiers for your project.

Our Council Approval Service is managed by our General Manager Jane Worthy, who has over 25 years experience in local government in a range of capacities. Depending on your project requirements we offer council approval services either as a standalone service or in conjunction with our other design services.