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Council Approval Services

Because development and planning law varies from state to state and from council to council, it can often be confusing to work out when you need to seek formal approval for your project.

Thoughtspace can now help you navigate the labyrinth that is development approvals. We can arrange approval for your project, whether it’s an addition/alteration to your home, a commercial or retail/ hospitality fit-out project, a change of use of your commercial premises or even the installation of a generator.

Most development and design projects require some form of approval before work can commence, however, the State Environmental Planning Policy – Exempt and Complying Development exempts certain minor development from the formal development consent process.  Recent amendments have been made to these laws to help streamline the approvals process, however large fines still apply if unauthorised work is undertaken, so it’s worth getting it right!

Regardless of whether Thoughtspace are your designers we can look after the approval process for you, and we can also help you appoint a certifier if needed. Remember….it’s useful to know not only when you need to seek approval, but under what conditions you don’t need to seek approval.

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