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Give, Get Given

Thoughtspace is excited to be working with the Glebe Justice Centre to transform a wonderfully grand old building in Glebe into a centre which can be used for multiple community purposes including the newly established Glebe Justice Centre. The Centre will be focus on rights-based approaches to community development.

As part of our graduate program, our senior staff are volunteering their time to mentor young designers to create designs for the centre and to minimise costs for this innovative not-for-profit centre.

The first stage of our involvement was to create a colour scheme ready for an Optus RockCorps makeover last weekend.  RockCorps is an international pro-social production company founded by Stephen Greene in 2003 that uses music to inspire young people to volunteer and get involved in their community.

So far over 150,000 volunteers have given 4 hours of their time (that’s more than 550,000 hours in total!) to transform community spaces around the world and in return for their efforts each volunteer receives a ticket to an exclusive RockCorps concert.

So, last Saturday in the rain, about 150 young volunteers gave 4 hours of their time to paint key areas of the Glebe Justice Centre in St Johns Road, using the Thoughtspace colour scheme. See the transformation and action here.



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